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Some of these ministers today are mixing foreign gods mamon with Jesus to attain something of their own desires. He composes his inspirational "Words of Wisdom," which end every episode and are sent via BlackBerry to the multitudes, in a bubble bath because he does not wish to be naked in a tub of water on TV. I have just learned that the prophetic Summit will be coming to Cleveland December complete with Prophet Bernard Jordan some of the other panelist and Juanita Bynum. Most Liked Most Commented. James McGrath 1 Dr. Consider making a generous tax-deductible contribution to IMBKCAC today on behalf of those who have been damaged by clergy and church related sexual abuse. For example, we must keep in mind that God didn't allow the Urim and Thummim Ex.

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You have heard of the expression, "the truth is stranger than fiction"?

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Upon registration, the first registrants get an invite to the dinner on July 11 th. Steve Perry 1 Dr. Room rates: I've switched to real time comments for most posts.

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My question to you is Did you come away with the sense that the panel actually validated the hustle of E.

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