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I'm a hopeless comedian I suppose. I have wavy, shoulder length, raven black hair, and matching black eyebrows and lashes, covering deep dark brown eyes, pale milky white skin, well shaped mouth and nose on a classically Greek shaped face. Now, however, you've just been volunteered as a guest for a private party. I'm still technically stronger, but only because I'm truly a god, whereas you're just immortal now. Okay, and I can see all of them and what they're being punished for and how long said punishment is for too. Also, at least once a month, I went to the gay diaper lovers paradise and found a willing partner or ten, and Hades and I had an orgy, those are always fun as well.

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Every few days, he's reborn as a fresh new pimple on some poor bastards nuts.

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As always, should you wish to drop me a line with your thoughts on this, or any of my other many stories, please email me at erich at ymail. Serious screw loose was being kind then I think. Hey, do I get to try ambrosia? Thirty seconds later, and he dumps another load of cum into me, almost as big, just as forceful, and every bit as glorious. I went and found Hades and I told him all about who I found and how I was changing his punishment. Well, not to be outdone, Hades groans as I too shuck off my clothes and expose my super thick and soggy diaper.

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Do we love our neighbors as ourselves? The designer specs and mustard dress shirt paint this fella as your stock middle-aged queen. Help make pornstars easier to find on YouPorn by telling us who is in this video. My doctors said I have colitis, but apparently this man seems to know more than anyone in the scientific field. Where you're going, I think you're gonna really be happy.

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