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They left him there, hoping to find a more secluded place on a four-mile loop off the trail. But mystery has long surrounded the trail — from disappearances to murder. Brenner was hit in the arm. Since members of the community did not read the news or watch television, they did not know Carr was a suspect in a shooting until one member, who had secretly watched television, recognized Carr from the composite drawing on the news and called police. It was eight days after the killings that Paul David Crews, a stranger who happened upon the couple along the trail, was apprehended. There is a full article about the tragedy here on Outside Online. The number of small farms within the city limits more than doubled to 38 between and

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Too often, violence against gays or any other minority group goes unpunished.

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Rebecca knew. They were on the trail when he popped up again. His public defender said he'd been raped in a Florida prison, and sexually abused as a child. They were all alone until the next day.

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But bad omens were not on their minds.

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