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With all intentions pitched toward continued prosperity, the greatest challenge for TCMFF as it enters its second decade might be finding a better balance between those deep dives and the allure of skimming the perhaps more lucrative shallows. Some of these segments, such as the one with the pot-bellied James Bond-parody Ernie von Schmaltz, whose protruding crotch turns out to hold a cocktail shaker, have immense humor and charm. The Sound of Mumbai: Local Produce: Thus, she hires a private detective and embarks on a quest that forces her to relive past traumas. Film 1 hour ago.

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By Keith Watson.

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Theatrical exhibition as we know it is dying off anyway, for a variety of reasons. A bustling, overstuffed cinephile jamboree, the Jeonju International Film Festival features a dizzying array of competition selections, sidebars, master classes, student films, and expanded cinematic offerings, such as a VR program and a gallery full of installations. Some of My Best Friends Are As is their wont, the Dardennes start their film in medias res, which proves to be their first big mistake:

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Assuredly, Lynn Carlin who should have won the Oscar she was nominated for and John Marley would never again have roles that enabled them to be this good, this funny, this moving.

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