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Since it has been regarded as a major form of cultural resistance for Black youth, there has been an inherent connection between Rap lyrics, the performers and its listeners Rose, By Sophie Hoyle. Los Angeles: Nigga can be used by people of all races as long everyone is ok with it. University of Georgia, Farmer, Brett. In Signifyin gthe revised term, through its parodic double-voicedness, enters into a semantic loop with the original term; recollection of past oppressive usage must occur to fuel the term's new meaning.

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Garden City, NY:

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Kid Cudi, Twitter post, June 12,4: Nigga Put It Down Wright, Mike. Some factors that seem likely to complicate any generalization about understanding and comfort level with 'nigga' are race, affinity for hip-hop, class, age and geographic location.

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The RIAA covers record labels or affiliates distributed through one of the following major distribution companies:

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