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Homosexual behaviour in animals has been discussed since classical antiquity. Retrieved March 10, Others have argued that social organization theory is inadequate because it cannot account for some homosexual behaviors, for example, penguin species where male individuals mate for life and refuse to pair with females when given the chance. Males of another wild sheep species, the Asiatic Mouflonsperform similar courtship behaviors towards fellow males. View image of Bonobos live in tight-knit social groups Credit: To initiate homosexual courtship, a courting male approaches the other male with his head and neck lowered and extended far forward in what is called the 'low-stretch' posture.

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The same dynamic could be at play in prisons where otherwise heterosexual men engage in homosexual activity due to a lack of heterosexual outlets.

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Are there any homosexual animals?

Two male orcas — although occasionally more — playfully splash the surface of the water and make physical contact. Dewey, Tanya; Shefferly, Nancy, eds. Same-sex genital contacts in wild bonobos. Research has shown that "in contrast to most other female mammals, female Crocuta are male-like in appearance, larger than males, and substantially more aggressive," [] and they have "been masculinized without being defeminized". This trial-and-error approach may look rather inefficient, but actually it is a good strategy, says David Featherstone of the University of Illinois at Chicago, US.

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Research has shown that simulated mating behavior increases fertility for Aspidoscelis neomexicanus. In some troops up to one quarter of the females form such bonds, which vary in duration from a few days to a few weeks. Retrieved March 10, Homosexuality in men and number of older brothers. Reprinted in Jahrbuch fur sexuelle Zwischenstufen 7pp. The report was unearthed only a century later, and published in Polar Record in June The observation of homosexual behavior in animals can be seen as both an argument for and against the acceptance of homosexuality in humans, and has been used especially against the claim that it is a peccatum contra naturam "sin against nature".

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