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Gender is not a necessary part of the sexual orientation distinction. They also still complain in Sweden, I lived there. TemplarOz says. I generally agree. Some trans women are housewives or teachers. Members of each camp delight in taking the most radicalized possible example of the opposition as representative. I realize that stating things so baldly will inevitably be shocking for those whose only goal seems to be to preserve illusions in this area, both for themselves and others.

claire hay is a transsexual
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Hollyoaks characters.

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The transactivists will not let you. Trans genders are extremely rare, should we change the far majority fundamentally for such a small group? And, again, the disconnect with the everyday person: Rather, they do so as an expression of their allegiance to a philosophical position:

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I think this is likely due to the fact that the people who like to talk about trans issues are usually feminists.

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